Skid Steer Mount Sweeper – SCM 200

The SCM 200 Skid Steer Mount Sweeper is designed for bucket replacement applications and is equipped with a manual Quick-Change Brush System, allowing the brush to be changed onsite in (approx.) 5 minutes. Additionally, this sweeper has a brush float system that is currently patent-pending. This model is used in a variety of ways, on construction sites, asphalt plants, raceways, warehouses, runways and more, the Skid Steer Mount Sweeper is sure to be an asset on any job site.


Special Features

• Unique Brush Float – Patent Pending
• Mechanical Quick Change Brush System
• Less than 5 minutes (approx.) to change the brush

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Skid Steer Mount Sweeper – SCM 200 Details

The SCM 200 Skid Steer Mount Sweeper has a hydraulic brush drive, a sweeping angle of 40 degrees right and left (HYD), grease fittings, replaceable bushings, a brush length of 77.5 inches, a brush diameter of 31 inches and a dirt deflector.  Additionally, a brush hood extension and an 89.5-inch brush length are available as options. At Smith Challenger Mfg., we can outfit a tractor to meet any customer’s individual specifications, call us today—let us know your industrial sweeping needs and we will accommodate you accordingly.

  • Heavy Duty Construction for Long Life and Less Maintenance
  • Brush Drive Hydraulic
  • Hydraulic Sweeping Angle: 40 Degrees Right-0-40 Degrees Left (HYD)
  • Brush Length: 77.5″ (100% Poly or Poly Wire Combo)
  • Brush Diameter: 31″ Tube Style Brush
  • Grease Fittings and Replaceable Bushings / Bearings
  • Dirt Deflector

Skid Steer Mount Sweeper – SCM 200 Options

  • Brush Hood Extension
  • 89.5″ Brush Length
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