Fully Equipped Features

  • Dual Motors
  • Support Legs
  • Strong Digging Power
  • Dense Brush

    Quick Change

  • BRUSH Change

    5 min

  • Sweeping Angle

    40 Degrees

  • Motors


  • Quick Attach Plate

    Ind. Standard

Sweeper Overview

SCM 257 – Dozer Broom Sweeper

Specially built to move dirt and for the most demanding sweeping jobs. From the frame, hydraulics and brush this sweeper is built to last.  Fits most low or high flow skid steers or loaders and can be custom mounted.

SCM 257 Details

  • Brush Length 80” +
  • Replaceable Bushings and Bearings
  • Motor Seals Guard against String, Wire, Etc.
  • Heavy Duty – Strong Brush Drive – Built to move dirt

SCM 257 Options

  • Custom Brush Lengths Available
  • Custom Mounting Available
  • Optional Brush Lengths

SCM 257 Special Features

  • Tube Style Quick Change Brush
  • Float System
  • Heavy Duty Support Legs

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