Sweeper Models

At Smith Challenger, our goal is to design and manufacture the highest quality Sweepers on the market. Designed by Keith Smith, the revolutionary quick-change brush system enables users to quickly change brushes in less than 5 minutes onsite. From Tractor Mount Sweepers and Bucket Replacement Sweepers to our revolutionary Pan Sweepers, Smith Challenger delivers a full line of industrial sweepers ready to meet any demanding application. Our sweepers are vigorous time and money savers due to our innovative designs and heavy duty construction – no other sweepers on the market compare.

Pat. #4,926,517

SCM 100

Tractor Front Mount Sweeper

The Challenger 1 SCM 100 Tractor Front Mount Sweeper has been used in the construction industry for over 40 years due to its innovated design. Regardless of the application, such as use on construction sites, asphalt plants, runways, raceways, warehouses, parking lots or beyond, this sweeper is built to last.

SCM 200

Skid steer mount sweeper

The SCM 200 Skid Steer Mount Sweeper is designed for bucket replacement applications and is equipped with a manual Quick-Change Brush System, allowing the brush to be changed onsite in (approx.) 5 minutes. Additionally, this sweeper has a brush float system that is currently patent-pending.

SCM 210

Bucket Replacement Sweeper

The SCM 210 Bucket Replacement Sweeper can be used on tractors or small wheel loaders. It features a manual quick change brush system and a patent pending float system. Tractor mounted units come with a 3 point hitch mounted hydraulic tank that is water tank capable.

Pat. #10,309,069B1

SCM 300

Pan Sweeper

The SCM 300 Pan Sweeper is in a class of its own. This innovative sweeper is operated while driving forward rather than reverse like other competitors models. With its Terrain Following Coupler System and adjustable brush float system, this sweeper is a must for milling operations, asphalt plants and parking lots.

SCM 220


The SCM 220 Scarifier is a specially designed sweeper for cleaning joints along barrier walls and critical joints in preparation for paving.  Features bi-directional brush head, up to 180 degrees of pivot left to right, hydraulic pressure gauge, steel or poly brushes, adaptable to any skid steer.

SCM 257

Dozer Broom

The SCM 257 Dozer Broom is specially built to move dirt on the most demanding sweeping jobs. From the frame, hydraulics and brush, this sweeper is built to last.  Fits most low or high flow skid steers or loaders and can be custom mounted to fill the customers needs. Equipped with our float system and tube style quick change brush.

SCM 78

Flex Blade

The SCM 78 Flex Blade is specially designed to be used on road surfaces. With the means to flex so that damage does not occur as with standard dirt blades when the blade may come in contact with obstacles such as man holes, commonly encountered during resurfacing projects.

SCM 400

Self Propelled Sweeper

The SUPER BROOM SCM 400 Self Propelled Sweeper is designed to be the most innovative self propelled sweeper on the market. From the visibility in the cab to the accessibility and ease of engine maintenance, the SCM 400 is an all around valuable asset to road construction projects, including milling operations, and more…