Full Equipped Features

  • Hardened Skid Shoes
  • Tube Style Brush
  • Heavy Duty Caster Wheels
  • Terrain Following Coupler System

    Tube Style

  • Sweeping Direction


  • Caster Wheel Capacity

    7,000 lbs

  • Skid Shoes


  • Quick Attach Plate

    Ind. Standard

Sweeper Overview

Pan Sweeper – SCM 300

The SCM 300 Pan Sweeper is in a class of its own.  This innovative sweeper is operated while driving forward rather than reverse like other competitive models.  With its Terrain Following Coupler System this sweeper is a must have for milling operations.

Patent #10,309,069B1

SCM 300 Details

The SCM 300 Pan Sweeper has special features that include an Adjustable Brush Float, Tube Style Brush, under 30 minute brush change and a Terrain Following Coupler System which drastically improves longevity.  With a forward sweeping direction, heavy duty castor wheels, hardened skid shoes, Spring Float System for brush down pressure, Hydraulic Hopper Dump System and much more, this sweeper is built to vigorously complete any job application it meets.

  • Forward Sweeping Direction
  • Heavy Duty Castor Wheels (7000 lb Capacity)
  • Hardened Skid Shoes
  • 24” Diameter Tube Style Brush
  • Spring Float System for Brush Down Pressure
  • Hydraulic Hopper Dump System
  • Hopper Capacity: 10 cu ft.
  • Terrain Following Articulating Coupler System
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Suitable for Skidsteers, Wheel-Loaders and Forklifts
  • The SCM 300 Pan Sweeper must be matched with the skidsteer lifting capacity, counter balance weights may be necessary.

SCM 300 Options

  • Sweeping Path: Width 60”, 72” and 84”

SCM 300 Special Features

  • Adjustable Brush Float
  • Tube Style Brush
  • Less than 30 Minute Brush Change
  • Terrain Following Coupler System
  • Forward Sweeping Direction

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