Sweeper Overview

Replacement Brooms – Smith Challenger

At Smith Challenger, we manufacture our own OEM replacement brushes designed for our fleet of industrial sweepers to ensure elite quality, prompt delivery and competitive pricing.  Replacement brushes and wafers for other sweeper models are also available. For your convenience, Smith Challenger offers same day customer shipping or pick up for Tube Brooms and wafers.

Brooms Details

Tube Brooms

Lengths offered:

  • 77.5”: Part Number SC7735P or SC7735WNP
  • 89.5”: Part Number SC8935 or SC8935WNP
  • 90”:     Part Number SC9022P
  • 96”:    Part Number SC9622P

Filament Options: P (Poly) or WNP (Wire-n-Poly)


Pan/Hopper Brooms

Lengths offered: 60″, 72”, 84”

Filament Options: Poly



Sizes Offered: 

  • 10×32 Poly Convoluted Wafers: Part Number SC1032PC
  • 10×32 Wire Convoluted Wafers: Part Number SC1032WC
  • 6-3/8×24 Poly Convoluted Wafers: Part Number SC63/8x24PC
  • 6-3/8×24 Wire Convoluted Wafers: Part Number SC63/8x24WC

Filament Options: Poly Convoluted or Wire Convoluted


Our Tube Brooms and Wafers are available for same day customer shipping or pickup.

Brooms Options

Our Tube Broom requires zero wafers and is changed via the Quick-Change System, drastically improving efficiency on any job site.  This  brush comes in two filament options: Poly and Poly Wire Combo and is offered in a variety of lengths from 77.5 inches to 96 inches.     Similarly, our Pan/Hopper Brooms are available in three lengths: 60 inches, 72 inches and 84 inches. Additionally, we provide wafers with the following filament options: Wire Convoluted or Poly Convoluted, are compatible with a variety of sweeper models.

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