Tractor Front Mount Sweeper – SCM 110

The SCM 110 is designed for customers who do not need a super heavy duty sweeper for high production day in and day out sweeping operations. The SCM 110 is economically priced and designed for contractors, developers, cities, counties, and DOT.  The SCM 110 features a manual quick change brush system and only requires two tools for a replacement brush change out.


Special Features

• Rear mounted hydraulic tank
• Fits multiple tractors with minimal customization
• Hydraulic Brush Float System

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Tractor Front Mount Sweeper – SCM 110 Details

The SCM 110 is designed to be a removable attachment allowing it to be used on tractors ranging from 30 HP to as high as 60 HP.  The SCM 110 utilizes a parallel lift assembly allowing the brush to be raised approximately 24” and pivot left to right approximately 40 degrees.  A rear mounted hydraulic reservoir (approx. 30 gal.) and a PTO pump can be removed from from the tractor for other tractor functions.

  • Tractor Requirements: 30 to 60 HP
  • Brush Drive: Hydraulic
  • Sweeping Angle Approximately: 40 Degrees Right-0-40 Degrees Left (HYD)
  • Weight: Approximately 600 lbs.
  • Oil Capacity: (Approx.) 30 Gallons (varies slightly per tank design)
  • Brush Frame Lift: Approximately 24”
  • Brush: 77.5” (100% Poly or Poly Wire Combo)
  • 31” Diameter Tube Style Brush
  • 32” Diameter Wafer Style Brush
  • Grease Fittings and Replaceable Bushings / Bearings
  • Self-Cooling Oil Reservoir
  • Rear Mounted PTO Pump
  • Dirt Deflector

Tractor Front Mount Sweeper – SCM 110 Options

  • Brush Hood Extension
  • 89.5” Brush Length
  • Rear Scrape Blade (Requires custom hydraulic tank)
  • Variable Speed Brush RPM
  • Water Mist System
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